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The Gotland Sheep are bright, active and friendly sheep full of curiosity, are have been known to lamb on New Year's Eve!

Ewes generally weigh from 55 to 70kg. Rams are heavier weighing in at 75 to 85kg. Lambs are born with a lush black birth coat and are very active and quick to suckle. They make rapid summer growth: 30 to 50kg at 6 to 7 months old dependent on litter size. Gotlands are not normally an early lambing breed but have been known to lamb on New Year's Eve!

Lambs-wool of the Gotland sheep is in demand for its softness and lustre, being long enough to be combed. The fleece is also quite curly and similar in some ways to mohair and the fibre fineness ranges from 30-44 microns with the lambs-wool at the finer end.


The length is approx. 80-150mm and originates in Scandanavia. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

Gotland Fibre. Natural Grey. 50g

SKU: Natural Grey
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