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We always try to watch our carbon footprint by car-sharing or using public transport to physically get the yarns for our shop.


Our yarns have some polyamide or nylon in them, which is good for strength, wear and tear, especially in sock yarns, and many of you love them. So, to be inclusive to our vegetarian and vegan customers, you will see that the majority of our yarns contain natural, eco-friendly and/or vegan-friendly fibres. It's also our passion to support the local, national and international farmers, sheep and fibre breeds, also indie dyers, weavers and spinners, too.

Using natural dyes is always preferable and this is what you'll also see on the shelves. Chemical use, chemical waste is not our friend, and we all deserve to use and wear something nice, especially concerning children, allergy sufferers, those with sensitive skin and those of you who like to craft for their pets.

We will use recycled bags.  It's always good if you bring your own bag, use our paper bags or buy one of our handmade cotton ones!

Please note, we have the space that we have, and do not have a million colours in every yarn that's out there!  We are not a department store, warehouse or online discount site. We are a two-person, independent company, trying to stay in business!  We can't stop you from buying online, but understand that we can't give you the same price as online, but we have more overheads than they do and you'll see that our yarn prices are reasonable.

If there's something you want that we don't have, please let us know and we will try to suggest an alternative for you or we can try to order it for you.

We hope that you enjoy shopping in-store and online with us and please spread the word about us, so Yarnarama can keep going!